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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Vybz Kartel - Get Your Owner Lighter - OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO - DEC. 2012

Vybz Kartel - Get Your Owner Lighter - OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO - DEC. 2012

Brand New Music Video - Vybz Kartel "Get Your Own Ligher"


Monday, December 10, 2012

KONSHENS - RUFF A ROAD [Battlefield] Official MUSIC Video - Dec. 2012


Thursday, September 20, 2012



After releasing several singles such as "Jamaican Boy" "Turn Me On" "Bubble Up", garnering excited reception and building a solid fanbase, Keida has now compiled her very first mixtape. "Wickedest Ting", which is also the name of one of the tracks, is comprised of 28 singles, featuring brand new singles.

The "Wickedest Ting" showcases several collaborations with artistes such as Protoje, Erup, Shurwayne Winchester and French deejay Valley. Production wise, tracks appear from Don Corleon, Jam 2, Chimney Record, Great Whyte Entertainment and Damn Rude Records among others to complete the mixtape.

Hosted by Yaardcore, "Wickedest Ting" is a mixture of Reggae, Dancehall, R&B and even some Dubstep. Just completing videos for "Another Level" and "75", Keida releases the mixtape in the heights of celebration for her birthday on September 10th.



Zimbabwe president allegedly labels Jamaicans as drunkards, weed smokers

Many Jamaicans who go overseas will tell you that they’re often confronted with the stereotypes that people from the island either smoke or drink often. Those labels apparently have been slapped on Jamaicans by one of Africa’s most revered leaders.

Robert Mugabe, the president of Zimbabwe, reportedly took shots at Jamaicans at a recent university lecture dubbed the Research and Intellectual Expo 2012. According to Zimbabwean internet news and entertainment outlet, Nehanda Radio, President Mugabe branded Jamaican men as weed smokers and drunkards.

According to the report, Mugabe allegedly described Jamaica as, "a country of marijuana smokers, where women are now taking charge since men are always sloshed (drunk).”

President Mugabe, who neither smokes nor drinks alcohol, insisted that Zimbabweans should never follow in Jamaica’s footsteps while implying that the island’s culture has negatively influenced his people. This, as speculation mounts that Mugabe has diplomatic differences with Jamaica.

Video: Bob Marley - Zimbabwe (Live) - April 17, 1980

The report by Nehanda Radio also stated that Mugabe, who's previously traveled to the island, intimated that Jamaicans are free to smoke marijuana despite the herb being illegal in the island while also alleging that local men prefer to sing that get an education.

"In Jamaica, they have freedom to smoke mbanje, varume vanogara vakadhakwa (men are always drunk) and universities are full of women," Mugabe allegedly said.

"The men want to sing and do not go to colleges vamwe vanobva vamonwa musoro (some are dreadlocked). Let us not go there."

The report also claims that Mugabe isn’t enthused by the praise that countless Reggae and Dancehall artistes have heaped upon him in song.

Jamaicans remember Mugabe given that the island’s most decorated artiste, Bob Marley performed at an a concert on the day when Zimbabwe gained independence in April, 1980. Marley sang the aptly titled classic, Zimbabwe at the event and people from the South African country revere Marley as one of their heroes.

Internationally acclaimed Reggae artiste, Sizzla Kalonji also performed at a birthday concert for President Mugabe in 2010, drawing much controversy in the process.

"I see him as one of my fathers from Africa," Sizzla said at the time.

"He's part of my nation, the black nation. In all that he's done - whether it's good or bad - I hope and pray that it's for the betterment of the people.”

Jamaican government officials were reportedly made aware of what Mugabe stated but have yet to comment on the matter.


Denno - Slap Weh & Wine N Brace [Master One Records] 2012

Download - Slap Weh [Phone]

Download - Wine N Brace [Phone]

Download - Both [PC]


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Singer Nefatari Films Her Journey With Release Of "I AM ART" Documentary

2012 thus far has been a year filled with overwhelming success for Nefatari. Her journey has been marked with many accomplishments and part of it has been documented with the help of Soul & Legacy in a new documentary.

The documentary "I AM ART" takes an in depth look at the singer as she reflects on how she started in the business to lead her to one of the biggest moment in her career performing at the largest event celebrating African-American culture and music in the United States, the "2012 Essence Music Festival". Nefatari also offers her personal views on Jamaica's bleaching trend, and much more!

Nefatari who recently premiered her video "What U Think About Me" on Hype!TV has already garnered over fifteen thousand views on youtube. The video directed by Icey Jace factory is also on rotation both internationally and locally on several video shows including RE TV, and CVM.

Modeling as always played a part in Nefatari's life, she has had editorials features in Vogue, WWD, Glamour and other great fashion magazines, so it was an added pleasure when the singer was picked to be the new face of K.Dupont clothing line based in New York (more information to come).

Her summer has seen her perform all over the United States and her home of Jamaica, with her latest in Portland at Iyara's stage show "Iyara Di Ting Deh". She is slated for many more performances as this year comes to an end, keep up with the dates visit her on Twitter/NefatariMusic and



Konshens Heads Back in the Studio to Voice His Sophomore Album

As Konshens gears up to record his sophomore album. The work and major collaborations continue.

In June, 2012 Konshens recorded "Murder on the Dance Floor" with Colombian-American, world renown DJ, producer Erik Morillo and Sympho Nympho. Erik Morillo has worked with international superstars from the late Whitney Houston to Sean P-Diddy Combs. "Murder on the Dance Floor" is doing well on the international charts.

In August , 2012 Konshens teamed up with Tropical Blendz and Mike D on the remix with R&B superstar Miguel for his chart topping single "Adorn". Premiered worldwide on September 1st by Hot97's own Mr. Cee the song has received huge buzz and request globally.

As Konshens prepares to start voicing for his new album, when asked what can we expect from Konshens on your sophomore album, he says "Well you know say with Konshens, anything is possible so just stay tuned"



Bounty Killer calls out Tommy Lee

Highly regarded Dancehall legend, Bounty Killer doesn’t seem to be one to jump on the ever-growing Tommy Lee bandwagon after the Alliance leader called out the popular Gaza artiste regarding his persona and lyrical content.

Tommy Lee rose to prominence due to his unique, intimidating sound as well as him self-proclaimed ‘gothic’ type of Dancehall in which he sometimes wears masks in his music videos. However, that ‘dark’ form of Dancehall has rubbed many industry players the wrong way, including Bounty Killer, who tweeted out a link making reference to the ‘Sparta’ persona that Tommy Lee sports.

“All a who a call dem self "SPARTA" Click this Rassc**** … !! Tell Mi If Unu A "SPARTA" Again zeen?” Bounty Killer tweeted, showing a link that ties the ‘Sparta’ concept to homosexuality.

Video: Tommy Lee - Uncle Demon
Bounty Killer then reportedly issued a statement, through Alliance Next Generation manager, Cross Cris, explaining his reservations against Tommy Lee and other artistes who sing similar lyrics.

“Tired a dem now yow every man know a me say youths fi run the place, but nuh come chat nuh f****y bout freak and devil or demon, ago kill off some a dem, so when a man ago sing certain things him nuh think say nobody was gonna have a problem wid him argument dem, a when since u can just come inna dancehall and a bring een demon ppl freely so? how long we have we dancehall nice and pure mad mi mad to bloodc****, some a dem too brite and no big man inna dancehall naah stand up and tell dem say dat nuh accepted, ppl mi fight fi dancehall wid mi life and say f**k career dem naah mash it up enuh!” the statement read.

To make matters more intriguing, Bounty Killer even hinted that he might be seeking a clash at STING 2012 to further outline his stance.

“Christmas is 4 Christ so nuh demon or devil cyaah win we a bloodcl*** all a dem a dead a Sting!!!” he said. “Mi nuh business who waah agree or disagree, i care zero mi naah look nuh support god blessed me enuff 4 me to put it all on the line 4 his cause any thing opposed GOD’S word mi and dem bumbocl**** God have him Killer to inna the name of Jesus i wash dem in dem own blood now!!!”

Tommy Lee recently raised eyebrows with a recent single entitled Uncle Demon, which raised speculation about the ‘Gaza’ artiste’s style. Days later, his long-time mentor, Vybz Kartel released a track mirroring that concept dubbed, Daddy Devil.


Chris Matic ( feat. Yung Jr & Junior Reid) - "High High"




Tiana - Dont Stop - (Studio Vibes Production) 2012

A Tiana enuh the Princess of the Dancehall aka The Duchess "wid bay hotness back a dat"


Twitter: @TianaMusic


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chino and Yendi engaged? Rumors fly as former beauty queen sports new ring

Is Jamaica’s newest power couple on the verge of walking down the aisle? After Yendi Phillipps donned a new ring while hosting a popular Jamaican morning TV show, rife speculation has been sparked that the former Miss Jamaica World and her boyfriend, Daniel ‘Chino’ McGregor could be getting married.

A seemingly content Phillipps co-hosted TVJ’s Smile Jamaica yesterday sporting a new ring that immediately sent social media and gossip websites into a frenzy. This news comes as Phillipps and Chino are expecting their first child together by the end of this month, several months after the couple publicly announced their big news in April. The Miss Universe 2010 and internationally acclaimed Reggae star have reportedly been dating since last year.

Chino’s road manager and videographer, Michael ‘Biggz’ Burbridge declined to comment on the speculation, insisting that he does not discuss his client’s private life.

Yendi Phillipps spoke about the possibility of being married to Chino during her pregnancy announcement five months ago, insisting that she did not believe that one required a wedding in order to experience marriage while stating that she and the second generation Reggae star were already in a blissful union.

During this summer, Chino dedicated a song to his beauty queen girlfriend entitled, Miss Universe, which featured on his brother, Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor’s compilation, the Bassline Riddim.

Son of ‘Fattis’ Burrell does tribute album

Legendary Reggae producer, Philip ‘Fattis’ Burrell may no longer be here physically but his music and legacy live on thanks to his son as a new tribute album has been released to honor his hit making father.

Kareem 'Remus' Burrell, a well-respected producer in his own right, recently unveiled an album dedicated to his father entitled Living Heart, an eight-track compilation features tracks from former collaborators and friends of ‘Fattis’ as they honor his contributions to the Jamaican music industry.

Some of those collaborators include Reggae legend, Beres Hammond who features on Living Heart with his track, Do It Now while emerging Reggae artiste and a former protégé of ‘Fattis,’ Kayla Bliss contributes the single, Love Rebel, her last single for the Xterminator Records founder. Other artistes who appear on Living Heart include Lutan Fyah, Richie Spice and another Xterminator protégé, Jesse Royal.

Video: Beres Hammond - Do It Now (Living Heart Album) {XTM Nation Prod.}
Kareem Burrell, who turns 23 later this year, revealed that it’s been difficult trying to follow his father’s path but insists that he will keep Fattis’ legacy afloat and strengthen his family’s musical lineage.

"My dad was a perfectionist and this was highlighted through the music he produced. He was authentic and stayed true to the roots, which is why I intend to produce only clean, authentic music as he was a firm believer in good reggae/dancehall music," Burrell told the Jamaica Observer.

Living Heart hails as the third project completed by Burrell since the summer began as he released his first mixtape under the newly branded XTM Nation label entitled, Project X, in July to celebrate what would have been his father’s 58th birthday. Additionally, Burrell unveiled the Six String Cutlass Riddim which features artistes like Cali P and Mikey General as well as the aforementioned Jesse Royal and Kayla Bliss.

Philip ‘Fattis’ Burrell died on December 3 last year at the age of 57, two weeks after he reportedly suffered a mild stroke as well as a blood clot near his lungs.

Burrell’s Xterminator label has been hailed as one of Reggae most decorated outlets as he’s worked with several Reggae and Dancehall patriarchs such as Luciano, Gregory Isaacs, Cocoa Tea, Sizzla, Sanchez and Ninja Man.

Artist Versatile Returns To Jamaica From U.S.A Tour & Gives Thanks For Life

The simple things that we overlook at times is what this artiste view as a paramount of importance. Versatile who is of humble beginnings is appreciative and cognizant that humility, simplicity with the guidance of God is the basic tools that's necessary in building a solid and prosperous life and career. His single "Give Thanks Fi Life" which rocked the airwaves earlier this year is a true testimony which vividly conveys his appreciation for the simple things we are blessed with daily and though we may be faced with challenges that seems unbearable, its merely a test of faith.

Singles and collaboration such as "Bank inna mi Pocket", "Nah Eat" ft. Octane, "I love the Girls" ft. Beenie Man has helped to propelled his career into the limelight since last year. Summer 2012 found Versatile performing in different countries, starting in Jamaica where he made an appearance at Red Stripe Reggae Sum-fest, after being called on stage by the "Ravin King" Popcaan. The two acts made a repeat appearance at the Infamous Independence Dream Weekend in Negril, Jamaica to eager fans. Though being Jamaican and celebrating a 50 year Independence milestone with his country the artiste made his way to the United States of America for other celebrations and performances.

Versatile has delivered an energetic and unforgettable set to fans in Rochester New York, New Hampshire, California and Florida dispelling all notions or doubts that his name is not well earned and the he is indeed full of versatility. The artist is now back on the island energized and ready to end the year on an even higher note. With releases such as "Dutty People" by Hit Maker Muzik and "Baby Girl" &" In your Arms" produced by Track Star Records which will be distributed by Digital Giants 21st Hapilos amongst other promotional activities and appearances locally and internationally, one can expect much more musical greatness from the versatile one.

Versatile - Baby Girl [Track Star Records]
PROMO Download

Versatile - Give Thanks For Life [Official Music Video]

Produced by:Romeich Records
Photograph: Ezra Tomlinson
Video Directed and Edited by: Shangri La
Available on itunes


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